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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted AddressApplicant Names
DA0278/202315/03/2023PAN-305894 - Demolition of Existing Shed & Construction of New Shed @ 85 Angus Avenue KANDOS NSW 2848Development Applications from 1/7/2014Shed >150m285 Angus Avenue KANDOS NSW 2848 Cypherion Pty Ltd T/A Total Shed Works
DA0299/202315/03/2023PAN-312144 - Dwelling @ 209 Putta Bucca Road PUTTA BUCCA NSW 2850Development Applications from 1/7/2014Dwelling House209 Putta Bucca Road PUTTA BUCCA NSW 2850 Lynch Built Pty Limited
DA0298/202317/03/2023PAN-309032 - Dwelling & Shed @ 58 Panorama Court RYLSTONE NSW 2849Development Applications from 1/7/2014Dwelling House58 Panorama Court RYLSTONE NSW 2849Bonnie Alice De Plater
DA0300/202317/03/2023PAN-312706 - Detached Dual Occupancy @ 37 Knox Crescent CAERLEON NSW 2850Development Applications from 1/7/2014Dual Occupancy37 Knox Crescent CAERLEON NSW 2850 Lynch Built Pty Limited

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